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8 September 2022

Say Yes To Everything

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In improv theatre, you learn never to reject what someone else brings to the performance. Instead you welcome their contribution, however bizarre, and build on it. What if you and your tech team could do the same with every incoming request? How much trust and confidence would you gain overnight? How delighted would your customers be?

Live and in person in a fantastic London venue, we'll discuss the "Yes, And..." method I use regularly with clients who are stuck in a hopeless "No" loop with disappointed customers and demoralised tech teams. We'll practise applying a "yes" attitude to real-life situations and see how this turns around your relationship with internal and external customers, without making you a doormat or overloading your tech team's capacity.

Join me live to discuss:

  • Sitting on your customer's side of the table (metaphorically) to change the dynamics immediately.
  • How to disappoint people helpfully, while still answering them affirmatively and positively.
  • Creating a series of yesses to build confidence and trust.

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