18 May 2023, 4 PM local time

Talking Not Typing—Live in Krakow

On stage at the ACE conference

Price: Varies (register at )

I'm giving the keynote at ACE Krakow—join me to learn how to escape the framework trap!

Scrum, Kanban, ShapeUp, and their ilk are comfortable prisons that make it easy to be mediocre. They promote an illusion of productivity and a mirage of predictable delivery. Just relax and follow the script, and you're sure to get results--the same lackadaisical results as everyone else. It's no accident that one of them is called "SAFe", because no one ever got fired for following a framework.

Profitable tech organisations don't look like this: they put productivity before predictability, take risks rather than seek shelter, and fail in interesting and educational ways. There is a difficult but rewarding path to building such an organisation, one that involves challenging conversations, building trust, and jointly designing the "why" and the "how"--but there's no magic recipe book that will get you there.

I'll show you practical steps that you and your team can start today to escape the framework prison and build a truly agile tech organisation that's ready to profit from disruptions like ChatGPT and supply-chain shocks. We'll discuss case studies drawn from hundreds of my clients who have benefitted from these methods and how you can apply the lessons learnt. Forget your frameworks, jettison Jira--you have nothing to lose but your Gantt charts.

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