squirrel squadron

Tech and Non-Tech Executives Learning Together

Welcome to the Squirrel Squadron, chaired by Douglas Squirrel. We are a diverse group of technical and non-technical executives from around the globe and from all types of organisations, who learn from each other and discover new ways to work together profitably.

Join the Squadron!

In this community of experienced, collaborative leaders, you will...


surprising new ways to help you and your tech team become collaborative, innovative, and profitable.


new ways to create commitment, accountability, and alignment by improving your conversations, mindset, and processes.


a wealth of creative ideas and provocative discussions, on a strictly drop-in basis—participate as much or as little as you like, on your schedule.


thorny challenges and conundrums with people around the globe with deep experience on both sides of the tech/non-tech divide—whom you would otherwise never meet.


your ideas, approaches, and language in a safe environment with expert advice from Squirrel and others.

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