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Held on 24 February 2022

Why Do I Need a Data Lake?

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As it runs, your software factory churns out valuable results for users, like matches for their requests, products shipped to their homes, or informative reports that spur action. But there's a byproduct of the factory that can be hugely valuable: data on what your users asked for, what you did for them, and what insights you created along the way. You can turn this data into a highly processed, ready-to-consume product if you invest heavily in a data warehouse. But a simpler, less expensive first step is to store the key information, unprocessed, in a data lake—where it remains safe and ready for later use. (Yes, a lake turns into a warehouse. Don't blame me for the mixed metaphors!) I'll explain how this works, what benefits my clients get from it, and how you can get started.

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